A death foretold

On June 23, 1912, Milwaukee resident Henry Hill was at his home on First Street when he experienced a powerful vision seemingly suggesting his brother, John Hill, a resident of Leicester, England, had died.

Troubled by the experience, Henry Hill immediately wrote a description of his vision on a sheet of paper, dated it, and sealed it in an envelope.

He then mailed an anxious letter to relatives in England. A reply was a long time coming and when it arrived it contained news of his brother’s death on July 20th – nearly a month after Henry had experienced his vision.

The letter from England noted on June 23rd, the date of the premonition, his sister had just arrived at the bedside of their brother who was slowly dying. His family in England, the letter added, had not wished to disturb him with the news of John’s terminal illness until it was all over.

A Milwaukee friend then opened Henry Hill’s sealed message of June 23rd. and read the following: “I believe I received about 4 p.m. American central time, or about 11 a.m. Greenwich time, a wireless message in the shape of an envelope bordered in black and a package containing some beautiful white lilies tied with a white silk ribbon, and the name of my brother, John Hill, on a card. It impressed me so deeply I had to speak about it and I am anxious for the next mail.”

A newspaper reporter added, “His friends are still puzzling over his uncanny experience.” – Source: Milwaukee Journal, Aug. 27, 1912


One comment

  1. It’s a pity premonitions never seem to be about happy things like finding cash on the ground, discovering a cure for cancer or saving little Timmy who fell through the ice. So sad for Mr. Hill! Oh well, keep smiling!!! ;p


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