New book arrives January 17th!

Exciting news! My latest book, “Historic Milwaukee Crimes” will be out January 17th! It contains 26 dramatic true stories of murder and villainy from the city’s past, including the Whitefish Bay developer who killed his wife, severed her head, and burned it in a furnace; a wronged woman who murdered her lover on a busy downtown street and was found innocent by a sympathetic jury; and another woman who lethally poisoned her family and laughed about it in the press. From a robbery in which the bandits got away by stealing a streetcar to the attempted assassination of President Theodore Roosevelt, it’s all in “Historic Milwaukee Crimes.” The 160-page book is published by The History Press and is now available for pre-order. Preorder your copy today! (#commission earned)



    1. Thanks for asking! I’m pretty sure it will be available in Kindle — my first book from The History Press, “Lost Milwaukee,” was (and is) available in Kindle so it seems likely this will be as well.


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