1. In the 80’s when I went back to Milwaukee to visit, my aunt that was a Mercy nun asked my girlfriend and I to take her to Gordon Park. She was in her late 70’s at the time. She said that there used to be a plaque in the ground at the entrance to the park that said it was the original home of Bernard Durward when he taught at St Francis Seminary and he went to work in St Francis by way of the Milwaukee River. However, the plaque was stolen several times and they no longer replace it. Bernard Durward was her great uncle and my great- great uncle. I noticed any article I have read recently does not mention him ever living there at all. Durward’s Glen in Baraboo, Wisconsin was his last home. That is such a beautiful place. When his daughter died, she willed it to the priests(can’t remember the name of the order right now).


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