Photo Friday: Happy 4th of July!


“The proverbial German word gemütlichkeit is difficult to explain,” says the Germany National Travel Board. “But you won’t go far wrong if you think of good food, good company, a drink or two and plenty of time to enjoy it all.” It can also imply a feeling of well-being and peace in an atmosphere of social acceptance.

Germans can pack a lot of meaning in one word, admittedly very long and convoluted words.

This antique postcard, from long-gone Milwaukee printer E.C. Kropp Co., explains how to get your party on, Milwaukee style: “A cool glass of beer, A joyful cheer, A hearty joke, A good smoke, A chat but no fight, That’s what we call “Gemuetlichkeit.” And, adds the footnote, “This is no bull.”

Happy 4th!



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